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Asialee Sep 06, 2013

Asialee's Photo Stream

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Asialee Sep 03, 2013

Current Obsession (1): Dylan O'Brien

Current Obsession. I have many, many, many current likes but I am starting with Dylan O'Brien. Flash Facts GO!   He's an actor   American   22 years old BOOM! I first saw…
Asialee Aug 30, 2013
Back to Buzznet, it's been a while but I want to kick start it again and get back to having fun with it! : xpic
Back to Buzznet, it's been a while but I want to kick start it again and get back to having fun with it! : xpic

Brand of the month: Newbreed Girl

So I lasted two months before I stopped brand of the month, I apologise but blame my laptop its only just been fixed properly! But…
Asialee Jun 24, 2012

My Nail Art

I have an obsession over nail art and these are ones that I have done myself! I will keep adding to the gallery and if…
8 new pics
Asialee Feb 16, 2012
Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hangvid

Sleeping With Sirens - If You Can't Hang

So ths vid was lingering on the side of a youtube video I was watching and it caught me eye, so I watched it. They…
Asialee Jan 19, 2012

Favourite All Time Low Lyrics

Okay, so it's safe to say that I am slightly in love with All Time Low - what's not to love four amazing guys who…
Asialee Jan 13, 2012

Brand of the Month - Glamour Kills

First it was Drop Dead, this month it is... ..Glamour Kills Glamour Kills is a popular clothing company based in Manhattan, New York and created by Mark…
Asialee Jan 05, 2012

Piercing and tattoo acceptance

This is something that really gets me and that I am personally affected by so yes it's kind of a mini rant, if you're intrigued…
Asialee Dec 30, 2011

Obsession - Band Tees

Music is a big passion of mine but having a specific taste in music (I prefer rock, alternative and metal) that most of my friends…
Asialee Dec 30, 2011
Asialee Dec 07, 2011

Brand of the month: Drop Dead Clothing

There are numerous brands out there which I think deserve recognition so every month I plan to do a little piece on them, here's hoping…
Asialee Dec 07, 2011

All Time Low - Time-Bomb

The third single released from All Time Lows newest album Dirty Work
Asialee Nov 30, 2011

10 hot bands you need to hear

Many of these bands you may never have heard of but that's about to change. All of these guys deserve to be bigger than they…
Asialee Nov 29, 2011
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